Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sketch Fest improvements... with question!


Is it too obnoxious to list Sketch Fest #1 first? Should I list them in reverse order? Should the finished work come first, or last?


Making that change was a little trickier than it looks because it involves making a different kind of date tracking system... it was previously set up very manually; I honestly never expected to use the site for this long, so I didn't make it as expandable as I should from the beginning. This gives me the framework to do a great deal more, so it was worth taking a little extra time to do it right.

I have also fixed the prompts page that sorts by prompters so that it shows prompters who aren't registered - that was a tricky one! Who's bright idea was it to allow people to register or not as they chose? Oh, that was me...
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