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Muse Fusion update and Mondaily

Muse Fusion runs through the end of today! (Actually, until I wake up tomorrow morning...)


I started with a drabble - short fiction of exactly 100 words - to ysabetwordsmith's prompt: Shrana tries to tell a story to her agemates called 'Attack of the Others'. Sponsor for $2.00 or 2 EMG/Torn World credits.

Then I sketched this:

I imagined it as a bead Vlaran might have, and Elizabeth ran with that idea and wrote a story that she's got available for sponorship now! The original is for sale, $5, or 5 credits, includes shipping.

wyld_dandelyon prompted 'Spectacles', which turned into a 1340 word story about young Bai getting glasses and his twin brother Rai getting the official verdict of his blindness. It is available to sponsor for $13 or 13 credits!

A prompt from haunted_blood has prompted a sketch I will scan in and post here shortly! Come back to this post for more updates, as I plan to go tackle some more prompts after breakfast. And do, please, feel free to leave more prompts! Your inspiration really is priceless! (I've had to disable anonymous comments, so if you aren't able to comment, you may contact me privately in any fashion and I will post your prompts for you, as well as alert you of any replies!)

xjenavivex's question of what people do to occupy themselves at sea has spawned the start of "Wile Away," a lighthearted story about Iremima's crew developing an unexpected hobby on their journey north. It is 700 words now and will probably be about 1200. It can be sponsored for $12 or 12 credits.

If you'd like to throw some actual coins in the virtual hat, you are welcome to donate generally to my writing and art this weekend, too:

And finally, on that topic, I wrote up a post for the LJ crowdfunding community on monetizing a shared world: http://crowdfunding.livejournal.com/299697.html

One of the other things I have to scan this morning are ultrasound shots from Thursday. Actual (blobby and indistinct) pictures of Guppy! ("Why does our baby look like a pile of foam?" Jake asked. I assured him it looked rather more baby like in actual motion than it does in the photos, especially when you could see the flicker of the heartbeat, and that I am not carrying a mutant. Probably. Being a first-time mom-to-be, I'm still going to subject you to the vague ultrasound photos, because I'm ridiculously over the moon about this whole thing, still, and it's my blog, so there.) I need to make a decision about a doctor this week, and I'm quite waffly on that.

Remodeling this weekend was tremendously productive - we got the closet wall all built and sheathed, and it is sturdy and perfect (she says modestly). It required some finish work on the walls it was being built up to, and a minor modification to the trapdoor to the roof. I have more photos, which I may also post later, and I've got some mudding to do on the new walls today.

Now, some breakfast. Gotta keep the guppy growing!
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