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Muse Fusion is running now! http://torn-world.livejournal.com/83662.html

We'll be writing and arting to your Torn World prompts over the weekend, through to Tuesday morning. And this month, we've got incentives: I'll be drawing 10 prompters to receive ACEO cards - some prints, some originals, some informational cards related to Torn World - every sponsor will receive an ACEO, each creator who submits something to the canon board by Friday that was spawned by the Muse Fusion, and a most active participant will get a card. Got a question about Torn World? Ask it as a prompt and you'll have a chance to win!

I had my last appointment today, and now I'm faced with choosing a doctor. I don't hate any of my choices, but none of them is exactly what I was looking for, either. It doesn't help anything that I'm feeling cranky and worthless today; I hope I can get some decent writing in - though I know that my weekend is going to be crammed with remodeling, I've got a few hours today. I may also self-therapize with Glee, which is the most absurd show I've ever seen, but strangely compelling.

The nursery has gotten its last coat of mud (I thought I was done, but was not), and it's ready for sanding as soon as that dries. I've got a few photos of that process - at least the major bits. At some point, I'll put together a full post on that.

Okay... off to pick up a prompt!
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