Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Jake got a ride home from work yesterday, so I worked on EMG for a few hours, made a batch of sausage gravy at mom and dad's, and then had some sketching time while we watched episodes of Sex and the City. I worked on a mermaid picture that I like really well, but only if it's in two parts; the head and hair are great, and the body and fins and border are great, but they don't work together at all. I'm going to scan it tonight and see if I can't salvage bits. I'll probably save the body and erase the face. Mostly because bodies are much harder for me, and I had to fight and fight to get this body looking right. And it's cool! It has lizard-y body segments and frilly fins, one hand is actually *good,* and the other one is in a position I think I can manage. And I'm very pleased with the border. This coloring book really is going to kick ass.

EMG time was not quite so productive. I only took about an hour, printed a few mousepads, and set up an oversized canvas. I came back after making sausage gravy to find that the canvas hadn't fed (argh!) and the ink had been laid down on the inside of the printer. Blech. Cleaned it out, laboriously, and decided I'd rather go home than continue to fuss with it. Wrote a few emails, and that was about all. Still, it was nice to get just a little bit done, and I didn't waste 40 minutes driving Jake home. I'd gotten a little sick of sharing the car and not getting EMG time without battling for it, and we compromised with him getting a ride home a few nights a week; a coworker of his (and a friend!) lives right up on the hill close to us.

Rargh! Still no Internet at work. I had no idea how addicted I was... *misses people*

Updated: YAY! It's back up and now I can feel hopelessly behind again... eep! Email to designalaska.com was bouncing, so if you sent me anything, try again, please. :)

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