Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Just up from a nap, after a very busy morning. I've gotten a load of laundry done, cleaned the kitchen, and mudded and taped the entire nursery, plus several patches in the living room and the entire window area, which never got redone after we installed the larger window last spring. This time, I took pictures, too, though I am far, far too tired and spaced out to post them right now. LOTS of progress.

For lunch, I had chicken cordon bleu and corn on the cob. Mm!

Got the blood test results from the doctor I saw last week - all clean and healthy! No sign of toxoplasmosis, which is what I was most worried about. So far, this is the doctor I most want to see... totally competent feeling, professional, waaaaay more thorough than any of the others, and had immediate answers to all of my obscure questions. I have another appointment on Friday with the last clinic in town I was interested in, and I want to tour the hospital, then I'll decide.

Now, some last programming tasks for a client, and either another nap, or some art, if I'm up for it!
Tags: factory, house building

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