Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


It's Wednesday? Already?

Yesterday I had more appointments, and donated three vials of blood, and a urine sample. I have a lovely bruise on the inside of my arm, though I was again told that I have excellent veins. (Go veins!)

Exhaustion is starting to hit me, a bit, and I can't tell if my minor back aches are pregnancy (!!) or overdoing it on construction; certainly the ache in my thighs is from going up and down the stairs a million times over the four-day weekend. Morning sickness has continued to be mild, though last night I had a truly unpleasant wave of nausea. Some ginger candy seemed to quell it. I've had one other wave that bad - at the movie theatre, someone was eating a hot dog, and the smell of it, mixed with the smell of fake popcorn, old soda stuck to the floor and the starburst someone else was eating, made me wonder if I was going to need to run for the bathroom. Super nose is not exactly a blessing; I could smell the individual flavors of starburst as someone in the theatre unwrapped them one by one. Didn't mix well with the hot dog smell. It faded, fortunately, in both cases. Neither was technically in the morning, either.

Still, I'm definitely not complaining; this is mild and I'm outright grateful.

In less... bodily... news, we got some GORGEOUS artwork for the August (Owls) issue of EMG-Zine - thank you so much, artists! :) Our next theme is 'Mushrooms,' so start looking through your archives for fungus-y fantasy fun! Work for EMG-Zine does not need to be new or exclusive.

I have updated the Coloring Book page to note several sold out titles. I expect stock on hand again in August. There are also several noted as nearly sold out. Links on that page also now lead to other EMG publications, including the EMG-Zine anthologies, Tell Me a Story, Family Ties and Torn Skies, and out-of-print calendars at Amazon. (Speaking of Amazon, if you've got my coloring books, PLEASE review them there! Reviews at Amazon mean a lot to sales!)

Remember that if you have EMG credits - earned from writing work for EMG-Zine, or through sales of your artwork at Sketch Fest or royalties for an anthology or coloring book, or sales of your work through Portrait Adoption - you can spend it on EMG goodies at any time by just letting me know you'd like to!

(I think I managed to incorporate enough links in there to keep you busy for a while.)

Taking it somewhat easy to day (about to go take a second nap), then I've got various administrae to deal with... including many things in my inbox!

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