Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with rain

It rains and rains!

I started a story today and failed at finding my source notes for it, so I stalled out at under 100 words into the outline. I have also sent off a complete estimate for some coding to a (newish) client, and cleaned up Velcro's morning present for me. I'm also taking a bit of a plunge and applying for a blog-writing position that would be really fun to have...

Now I have to hustle on getting my parts of tomorrow's issue of EMG-Zine done, do some finance-y/bills stuff, and then I've got the afternoon for art! I have all my art from the last Sketch Fest still to mail, and a few older pieces - I apologize for the delay! Upending my office put a bit of a kink in getting that done. I am hopeful to finish one last paid-for piece today, and after that, I am thinking about doing ACEO sketches of possible nursery murals. There are also two or three submitted descriptions I'm eyeing at PA that I may tackle...

Yesterday, according to my calendar, I grew a brain, which opens us up for all kinds of 'well, I sure needed one of those!' jokes. I had an initial consult at the Alaska Family and Birth Center, which is a really lovely place that has a lot to recommend it as a place to have a baby. (Like, privacy, and bathtubs.) I took it very easy, with a nice nap in the morning, and we didn't build or work on anything in the evening. Tonight, I'm going out to dinner and a movie with a girlfriend, and I have a ton more energy than I did at this time yesterday. Building a brain must take some energy, understandably. I hope it's a good one, little guppy! I've been trying to eat responsibly - not completely organic, but more organic than we have been, and careful about all the things they warn you about (cold lunchmeat! Who knew?!). The scale LIES and says I've lost 2.5 lbs since the start of this adventure, but none of my measurements are smaller, and I'm certainly eating fine and generally feeling great, so I'm going to blame that on the scale or just random fluctuation.

Off to EMG-Zine now!

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