Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with spam

I hate spam. I detest it. It enrages me the way few things do.

I had to delete several dozen 'new members' out of Torn World this morning (and rewrote the application page to be more picky), mark a handful of LJ comments as spam (has there been a serious upswing in these lately or is it just me??), delete a bunch of spam-members at Fantastic Portfolios, and filter through a whole lot of spam-emails. Rargh.

(Oh, and then? My great security improvements managed to wipe out member information when I went to update someone's subscription. *facepalm* Fixed.)

I think I may go take a nap now... my energy level is loooow today, and I went to bed early last night and still had trouble getting up.

On the plus side (and on the topic of naps...), my bed has been completely surgered. We dismantled and re-constructed the bed foundation in the right size last night, and it looks remarkably professional; we were able to save the pretty curvy bits from the ends and reattach them to the narrower frame, and re-staple the cover-cloth over it, so it looks, at quick inspection, very much like it was factory-made. It is marvelous being able to swing sideways out of bed again, instead of crawling out the foot of it.

The end of the month is approaching! Be sure to submit 'owl' themed artwork and fiction for EMG-Zine: http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

And do get moving on the Arabian Nights artwork for the coloring book! If we don't rustle up enough submissions by the middle of July, I'm going to call it a wash and try another theme.
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