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Getting back on the daily train!

Today, I have some artwork to do, and more to mail, and some research to do. We're sheetrocking a few of the walls in the nursery, and I plan to paint a mural on it. I need to figure out what kinds of paints it's safest for me to use, and start thumbnailing compositions. I am thinking about doing a giant fantasy land map, with lots of ocean teeming in sea monsters and ice dragons and rockinghorsefly swamps and unicorn steppes and the like.

I've also got some programming to do - some work on Torn World, some more commission-control improvements, and some follow-up with a client. Also, some EMG-Zine improvements, various administrative bookkeeping, and the usual.

Yesterday was my first prenatal doctor's appointment. I got an ultrasound, but I'm only just at 6 weeks now, and it was too teeny and uncooperative to see much - a pale squiggle that might be a guppy, and a flicker that might be a heartbeat, or possibly just static in both cases. Still, there was definitely a gestational sac, about 17 x 4 mm, and I got a lot of questions answered (though several others were brought up that I **hadn't** thought of, such as, will I be able to get a regular epidural, given my back injury, or will anything special need to be planned in advance?). I've got three more appointments over the next few weeks; I'm curious to ask some of these questions of other people and see what they say. This is a very curious process, indeed.

Yesterday, we sawed our bed in half. Not quite literally. We had a king-sized Tempurpedic that Jake couldn't sleep comfortably in, so he's got his own twin. Twin+king = wall-to-wall bed, which is fun, but not very practical, especially since I'll be getting up so much. I was hoping to sell our king-sized for enough to outright buy a full-sized Tempurpedic bed, but got no nibbles (one payment plan offer, but nothing that would cover the full cost of a replacement immediately). We even dropped the price such that we would take a loss on getting the smaller bed, then (independently of each other!) struck on the idea of just trimming the bed we had down to the size we wanted. And this way, we get the *actual* size we want, a full XL, which Tempurpedic doesn't even make. At no loss. $1.99 for a long breadknife at Value Village, some measuring and sawing, and lo, I have a perfect, full XL Tempurpedic mattress. The foundation won't even be that difficult to modify; we are tackling that construction project tonight.

Okay, that's enough blathering out of me for now! Off to do ART.
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