Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sketch Fest recap and other news

Well, THAT was fun! *laughing*

You can see by the (still-growing!) Sketch Wall for this fest that we had a great turnout, and a lot of amazing work was accomplished. I had super-spiffy new features in place, but they were a touch buggy...

The reply feature looks great! It's nice getting replies to comments that you leave, by email and on the art pages. Alas, the artist of the piece gets a bit spammed; they get two and they really should get none. Also, it spits out an error code, even when it's working. And, in fact, it DOESN'T send an email to the correct place - it only was on the ones I was testing because they were mine. I must fix that in entirety! *facepalm* Sorry about those bugs. (Update: this is now working!)

The prompt page sorted by prompters is an AWESOME way to view prompts - I really, really like it. But I didn't realize until late this morning that it's only collecting registered prompters - it's not showing prompts left by unregistered users. DOH. So, I need to fix that, too.

I've got a sales admin page in testing right now, but discovered that the sales scripts weren't correctly saving the time of the sale, so the sorting method is... chaotic. I can sort it by id or date the artwork was uploaded easily enough, but that's not useful if someone buys an older piece. So I gotta fix that, too. (This is now working also, but it will only list right with FUTURE sales, not on all the existing ones.)

(ETA: Oh, but the 'Inspired by you!' page did work well, and I also added the distinction between 'available now' and 'for sale but still on hold' to the wall, and that worked right, too. I will add this script-let to the artist pages, too.)

Sketch Fest fundraising this month didn't quiiiiite pay off the changes I'd already made, so I'm hoping a few more pieces sell (or donations come in!). I will fix these bugs, either way, but it would be nice to put this in the 'paid' column of my work log, rather than my 'donated.'

Artistically and personally, a wild success.

I started the fest with 3 acrylic paintings, and hate none of them:

The owl in particular REALLY tickles me. Prints available for $5, the original for $30 (half gets applied to improvements to the Torn World site).

Then, I did 5 quick abstracts from the paint left on my palette, sat down and cranked out another 13 sketches! It's not Jenny-level output, but, in my opinion, a darned fine showing, and I quite like several of them:

And most of all, I had FUN. Any thoughts on a good date for our July fest??
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