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Thursdaily with pushing forward...

Tomorrow is Sketch Fest! I have posted a handy checklist, to make sure you are ready for the fun: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1201653.html

I have registered with elance.com and am poking around at it in interest. I've already got a client lined up for a project; nothing major, but a fun challenge that is within my skillsets. I may have dithered around too much already to make it a major financial coup on its own, but I think I can make the client happy and keep them coming back for more. At the very, very least, I shall endeavor to convince them not to collect credit card data on an unsecured site and make the world a better place...

I am working on some of the descriptions in the Portrait Adoption system, too - there are three in particular that I am quite interested in doing. I am still stewing over the my next big piece, and it will definitely be steampunk.

And, I'll leave you with an excerpt of the story I was working on this morning before I run off and clean the house:

"I'm sure that-" Whatever polite replies Ressa's mouth was ready to automatically supply were lost suddenly when the floor of the elevator jolted beneath them and there was a raucous squeal of metal on metal. Ressa was aware of her impulse to step closer to Bai in alarm, and maintained her position with willpower as the elevator ground to a halt. They had just enough time to look at each other in alarm before the gas lights went out with a little pop.

There was a moment of silence, then Bai's gruff voice: "Irony. Remind me to fire the maintenance crew to a man." Ressa tried to define the undertone to his voice and failed.

"It sounded a little like train brakes," Ressa offered, then wished she hadn't. Mechanics had always been one of her weakest subjects, and she didn't want to look stupid in front of the License Master.

He agreed, "It did. The emergency brake system must have been engaged."

"I didn't know this thing had an emergency brake system," Ressa said inanely. The darkness seemed oppressive, and she found that it bothered her more than she expected.
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