Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with story excerpt (and puppies!)

Starting the day with writing seems to work well for me - I got about 675 words this morning on a story commission. It's not NaNo-pacing, but it's a healthy chunk each day, and I like staying story-limber. Have an excerpt:

Malaamig gave the train attendant a hopeful smile, arms full of wriggling puppies, as other passengers boarded around him, usually exclaiming in delight over his burden.

"Citizen, you can't travel with those in the passenger car," she said, but it was weakly. The boy puppy that the breeder swore was part-kasiyarf was waggling its fringed tail in greeting, and the girl was trying to lick the train attendant's closest hand.

"Cease," Malaamig told the puppy, distracting her with an awkward scratch to the ears from his canine-laden hands. It worked for the length of her attention span - about two ticks. "I'm sorry," he said, giving the attendant a sheepish grin. "I hadn't planned to buy these."

It was a white lie - he had planned to buy one, but the second had been a surprise, and he had forgotten to account for either on his return train license.

This is a sequel to Breeding. Also, my new story, The Perfect Visit starts today - it is broken into two parts, and was sponsored by kelkyag. :)

Some emails and admin finished today - now I need to make a page for Midnight Madonnari, work on Commission-Control and try to rustle up some more paid work.

It smells a bit like wet smoke today - fire season is in full swing and the rain has been reluctant, but there are more clouds today. My plants are starting to grow a bit! Some of them are definitely going to make it. :)
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