Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with Sketch Fest and Amazon updates ...and a fox

Our friendly neighborhood fox stopped by again to taunt poor Norway, flipping its looooong, looooong tail at me in scorn as it trotted through. I am going to start keeping the camera by my desk so I can catch some photos of it.

I got my Amazon account wrangled into shape, finally, and have listed the main chunk of coloring books and calendars that I wanted to catch up on: see em here. (I do also have an entry for Family Ties, but do not see a way to offer pre-order. My hardcopies are listed as 'Ready to Ship', so I'm hopeful I'll be able to activate that soon...)

If you have any of these coloring books or books and would be willing to leave a review, I would be slavishly grateful for it! (Likewise, at Smashwords!)

I sent out copies of my resume for two jobs that I am incredibly qualified* for and would seriously kick ass at, that have the extra bonus of being fun things I'd like to do. I sent a query to another opportunity, we'll see how that goes, but it sounded considerably flakier.

And because I had no other paid work on my plate, I jammed forward on Sketch Fest, and the rest of my afternoon is allotted for Commission-Control.

For Sketch Fest (this Friday!!), I have already programmed in some extra goodies for folks. Now, if you're selling your work through the site, you can set a variable hold on the piece for the prompter. It defaults to 1 hour, but if you want it held for 24, 48, 0 (no hold!) or any other whole number, it will do so!

Because so many of the recent improvements have been focussed at people who buy and sell at the site (which does make some sense, because they ARE the ones who are directly supporting these improvements!), I also decided to add the reply function for comments. Now, you can thank someone for their comment directly, instead of just commenting on your own piece and wondering if they'll ever see it. They will also receive an email, though unfortunately, I had to add the email function to the comments to make this happen, so they'll only receive emails on NEW comments (since old comments didn't hold email information).

The other major improvement I made was the Inspired Wall - if you are registered and logged in, you can see all the pieces that have been created from YOUR prompts. (Provided you made those prompts while logged in... I may improve this in the future to go looking for your name, as well, to catch the prompts you left while not logged in...) It shows you finished work, as well as sketches, and puts a gold star on any pieces currently being held for you. I also did some invisible backend things that will make stuff easier for me. All of this overran my paid-for Sketch Fest work-hours budget, but I'm hopeful we'll get enough donations this weekend to cover the time I've already put in.

I have an inspired improvement to add to Fantastic Porfolios soon-ish, too... :) I'm knocking brains together with Janet to figure out how to make it work best.

Additionally, the EMG-Zine guidelines have all been updated with themes through June, 2012.

I get the feeling you guys want me to do something with steampunk... I can take a hint! I'm not sure what, yet, though. And I might side-track on more abstracts, first.

More programming now. And then sketching.

*Well, in one case, incredibly qualified for. In the other, I have taught myself most of what they want and they say specifically they're willing to train...
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