Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


My freelance projects are all in holding patterns now, so I'm trying to drum up more paid work. What do you think? Would you hire me? http://ellenmillion.com/services.php

Be sure to weigh in on the date for the next Sketch Fest: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1199719.html

Today I plan to e-book-ize the anthology, as well, and work on some admin things on that topic, including coughing up the money for the paid Amazon account so I can add titles to their database. (Including all my coloring books, the latest 2 EMG-Zine anthologies, the Torn World anthology, Tell Me a Story, and all my leftover calendars.)

I'm also toying with doing a crowdfunding art project of my own with the little acrylic abstracts I can't stop doing... *ponders*


miintikwa is doing a one-card draw with tip incentives today: http://miintikwa.livejournal.com/1790637.html
shadows_gallery is doing a crowdfunded art piece - vote on which sketch she finishes! http://shadows-gallery.livejournal.com/8763.html
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