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There is a new issue of EMG-Zine up! And, because you beautiful people got me 12 jewel-themed art submissions, I built you better gallery tools. Artwork clicks through to an actual page, not just a larger image, with descriptions, AND the ability to spend subscription dollars on artists as well as writers. The random thumbnails now click through to those individual pages, too. Who loves you?!

Speaking of artwork! I am tapping my toes regarding the next coloring book. Don't make me come chase you down! The theme is Arabian Nights - think flying carpets, bellydancers, caravans, genies, middle-eastern markets...

Today is also the last day to submit work (art, fiction or poetry!) for the Butterflies-themed issue of EMG-Zine! http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

I finished 'Railchange' today and submitted it to the canon board. The next segment is mostly written, too - I am plugging away at this storyline (and a few others) a few measly hundred words a day. Next on my writing plate is a story about commuting, or possibly about dogs, or possibly both, for a story commission. I am poking at my Upheaval novel a little half-heartedly, too. I am not sure if I want to turn it into a serial, or try for traditional publishing, or self-publish as a novel, or do something else entirely with it. Sales of the Torn World anthology have been sluggish enough that I'm not convinced I could make either the first or third of those options work. (Spread the word! I will send you art cards!)

Got some programming things figured out today, and my garden is planted, though it looks VERY VERY sad right now because I really had to fight with the delphiniums and they retaliated by breaking. I am honestly not sure they will make it, but I'm hoping I got enough rootstock to let them live. I've got those and some lilies (very wilty!) across the back, and stunted strawberries, marigolds and small purple things across the front, with two little zucchini plants interspersed. Tomorrow I want to pick up a few seed potatoes for some pots, and maybe another something bright-colored. There is dirt permanently embedded under my fingernails, and I LOVE it.

That's all my news!
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