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Wednesdaily with more abstracts and a new story

My inbox is down to 85 emails!! *stunned*

The Torn World anthology proof came in, and the bulk of the first run has been ordered!

I have a new story up for Sea Monster Month: Tides of Blood and Music. I wrote this earlier this month for Muse Fusion, and I'm really pleased with this one. It is only public until the end of the month, as part of the sea monster celebration, unless it is sponsored for $15. You can send me Torn World or EMG credits (email me for either), and I am accepting partial sponsorships for this one: $1 at a time (add as many to your shopping cart as you'd like)

It is a sad story, with a hopeful ending, and artists who have struggled with depression may find a familiar spark here... I particularly like that it shows the Empire (which can often be painted in broad brushstrokes as controlling and bureaucratic!) looking out for its own.

And speaking of brushstrokes... a few more abstracts...

ACEO - Swishes in Green and White $1 (I've decided to make some of these 'pay as you like!' - add as many quantities to the cart as you feel it's worth and can afford and grab an original aceo for $1 or more! First come, first served!) This one is very textured, and took days to dry. It's very touchable!

ACEO - Tangled Yarn $1 (pay as you like!)

ACEO - Shelter

ACEO - Peace with Bubbles (This scan doesn't do the sparkly gold scratchboard justice!)

ACEO - Hope. (Again, gold scratchboard doesn't scan well!)

And a sneak preview of the next batch:

I'm finding I'm not fond of the way this red paint behaves, and also that I'm lacking a few good colors. It may be time for a paint order. >.>

Programming now...
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