Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily, refreshed

Business as Usual

Compiling Sketch Fest sales and fixing a few errors, now. I have fixed the 'prompter not found' error that popped up on finished work, and a bug that spat an error if you hadn't entered your email anywhere yet on the prompts page. I've also added some backend tracking of sales that should improve my efficiency and make it easier and more immediate for artists to send out their work. It was definitely a fun fest, and we had a record number of participants!

Working on other formats of ebook for Torn World, and jamming forward on the last Sea Monster articles (eep!). Unlikely to have story or art time, today, but check the site for Deirdre's newest story, or Elizabeth's Forbidden Love from last week!

I slog away at Commission-Control, one little detail at a time. Email alerts are now mostly working.

Arty things

This is what I did this weekend (besides 9 pieces for Sketch Fest)! It's a chalk painting based on Sydney Lawrence's Silent Pool. It rained buckets this morning, so it's probably already washed away, alas. Liz and I had a great time chalking, though - she did Fowl with Pearls (link is to the whole chalkpainting album on Facebook, as I can't figure out how to link to a single page off of Facebook).

Other stuff

Short week for Ellen - Jake has Thursday and Friday off for our birthdays, so I'm trying to cram an entire workweek in three days. Plus, this is the last week my parents are here, and they want to go to the hot springs with me. I am weak in the face of a trip to the hot springs. (Besides, this is my last week to hang out with them for at least a year!)

Inbox is at 136 (down from nearly 300 this morning...), one teeny programming job done and another on deck.

PS: New icon by meeksp! So me!

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