Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I survived Sketch Fest!

(I should make bumperstickers with that...)

This whole weekend has turned out rather out of control: Friday I had a freelance teleconference, followed by an appointment at the vet with Norway, followed by Sketch Fest (9 sketches, one of them I'm super happy with!), then a thing with my sister that turned out to be on Saturday instead of Sunday, RIGHT when Sketch Fest was supposed to end (so no big finish painting for me! Or any sketches this morning!), more land-clearing, and tomorrow we've got a bulldozer coming to do dirtwork, and I've got chalkpainting in the park. There is also mad-crazy construction right around the Post Office, which made a side-trip there take something like 45 minutes (for none of the packages I was hoping for... boo!).

To say nothing of the fact that my parents are here for another week (though they've been wonderfully respectful of our space), I've got a hundred things left to do with the Torn World anthology, I have EMG-Zine programming to do before the end of the month, and Sketch Fest sales to tally up and get to artists.

So, erm, sorry if you're waiting on me for anything, nudge me if I'm far behind on something, and grant me patience while I continued to dig back through my inbox! (I got it down to 130 last week, but Sketch Fest killed that progress...)
Tags: sketch fest

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