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Sea Monster Month is continuing at Torn World, with articles, stories and artwork. Muse Fusion wraps up in just a few hours - there may still be time to drop in a few last prompts! I got two short stories that I REALLY like out of it, two sketches that have a lot of promise, and 700 words on a story that just needs a paragraph or two to round out. In all, a good showing. Other folks wrote even more than I did, and I'm excited to see it all - we had some great prompts!

Remember that you can earn awesome ACEO prints and originals by spreading the word about our gorgeous and wonderful anthology! I'm very excited about this one and really want to share it with people!

I got some great user input at Commission-control this weekend, and have a few ideas for tightening up some of the features. I've got a paid programming project I want to complete today, and then will be tackling that, with email alert integration. (I always do that last on a project so I don't spend a lot of time accidentally spamming people! :P)

New laptop is working *beautifully*, though I really have to figure out how to disable the touchpad at will. I got my printers and scanner hooked up and nearly all of my programs installed, though I still need to go through and get some fonts. Windows 7 is a superior operating system, though I can see how it would lag on a less beefy platform - all these pretty (but ultimately unnecessary) fades and hover-effects! Of course, it only took a few days for the laptop to be 'stolen' by my husband to stream hockey... >.>

My muscles are sore this morning, but less sore than I expected, considering that this weekend we did landwork - we got a LOT of wood bucked and stacked, and a whole bunch of brush gathered for removal. Everything is much neater looking, if still a little pre-green-up dire. Spring in Alaska is ugly-ugly-ugly-SUDDENLYGREEN and then summer. Keep posting your pictures of sun and green - I've got the former now, but not the latter.

My cooking failure story coming later, with hilarious photo...

To do this week:

Finish and release Commission-control
Sea Monster month - I've got two one sketch(es) at least, and two one story(ies) left to polish
20 hours of freelance work. - 12.5 down
Time with parents (hi Mom and Dad!)
Get my inbox down to a super-ambitious 50. (It's at 240 this morning... *sighs*) - 171, now!
Sketch Fest - get buying hold on pictures finished before Friday.


Get my updated epipen so I DO NOT DIE. - called to request refill.
Mail Jen's prints
cook or freeze the chicken in the fridge
Finish freelance project #1
Scan sketch updates for approvals

Process 50 emails Inbox down to 182!
Review of two stories featuring my characters - 1 down!
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