Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Muse Fusion update!

I had to pause for a little programming and some food and more installation stuff, but I have been jamming forward on Muse Fusion quite nicely so far! (And Beastly is behaving quite well. Windows 7, I think I like you.)

A Warsailor has to be Canny is a short, 400 word piece about what is required for a warsailor. It will be my freebie for this Muse Fusion, and was written without a specific prompt.

Tides of Blood and Music is 1500 words, and comes from ysabetwordsmith's title prompt, also inspired greatly by xjenavivex's talk of a traveling musician who teaches about mood and music, and by wyld_dandelyon's write-up of Neteilyu: this is Neteilyu's story of finding monster sculpting after the death of her husband. It is available for sponsorship, for $15.
Tags: muse fusion, torn world

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