Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with new product!

I have to take my poor dog to the vet today to get a tooth extracted, and do a mail run (whyyyyyyy hasn't the anthology proof shipped yet?!) and program on some sites (commission-control at the top of the list). My laptop may be here as early as TOMORROW! Eeeeee!

I've done some more brushup at my personal site the last few days, and have a new product to share with you: Watercolor paper prints! These are not color prints, these are linework prints on Arches hotpress watercolor paper - for YOU to paint. My coloring books are awesome, but painting on regular paper just doesn't give you the same results as using a high quality painting surface and never will.

Additionally, I have dropped the first tier of shipping rates throughout the EMG network, from $7 to $6, and added a media rate option, if you are only ordering books (coloring books or anthologies through Torn World or EMG-Zine). I've also added details about ordering the Torn World anthology with check or money order: http://www.tornworld.net/familyties.php

Remember to spread the word about the Torn World anthology, and you can earn free ACEO prints - and a chance at originals! We also have review copies of the ebook available - apply at the order page! If I were an insecure kind of person, I would think that I haven't gotten any feedback on the copies out in the wild yet because it is awful and no one wants to tell me. Luckily, I'm not that person. (Repeats to self: I am NOT that person. I am not that person. I am really not that person...)

The person that I am needs to get going now...
Tags: promotion, torn world

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