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Thursdaily - Much news!

The beta testing orders for the Torn World anthology and ebook have been successful, with minor hiccups that were easily fixed. I am wrestling hard with those wretched, inevitable 'it sucks and no one will buy it' feelings which vacillate with the 'this is gorgeous and everyone will LOVE it' feelings in nearly equal measure. I am not going to have any fingernails left by the end of this month. I'm not sure why fiction is so much more stressful to me than non-fiction, but I feel a lot more fragile about this one...

Horrah!! EMG-Zine is just $54 from being saved for another 6 months!! 94%!!

$846 / $900 total funding by June 2011. 94% done!

Remember that you can donate your spend-only (or general) EMG credits on this; just let me know if that's what you want to do. If we go over that goal between now and July 1, everything extra goes to making site improvements; submission management is high on my list. And because you guys are awesome, we got more than 12 submissions for the jewels theme, and I will be building you better art viewing tools for June! Booyah!

Commission-Control needs ONE MORE thing (inviting artists and attaching them to images), and then I think it's ready to open. It's not as pretty as I'd like (eek, I need to contact the person who was going to help me with the CSS look!), but it's pretty functional. I can see a HUNDRED things that could use polish, but I badly, badly under-estimated how long it would take me to do, so I'll be happy to see it go live.

I am finished, green-light, complete with one of my freelance projects, and pounding forward on another. A new client I was hoping to hear from hasn't gotten back to me; I'm trying to decide if it's obnoxious to call again... Am also waiting on an okay to move forward on a very minor update.

And, I got some of the small abstracts scanned. None of these are for sale - they are very late Christmas gifts - but if you'd like an ACEO print of any of them, drop me a dollar or two to cover the cost (at my site) and I'll happily send you one! I will post the rest as I scan them!

ACEO - Growth

ACEO - Intricate

ACEO - Dancer

ACEO - Cat Games

3"x4" - Green
Tags: abstracts, updates

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