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I think I'm getting a migraine. :(

I don't usually get them in the mornings; they develop mid-afternoon, usually, and last until late evening. Ugh. I hope it stays low-level until I can escape work. They screw with my appetite, which causes sugar-crashing, which causes tears and irrationality and is generally bad. *takes drugs* I haven't had one in a while now... maybe even a month!


I demand mermaids!!! I need some more cleanly inked mermaid pictures for a new coloring book! Don't make me send Vinnie after you to break your kneecaps!! You know who you are!!


Working on new artist-contract-y-thingy. All response has been positive to the idea of web-updates, and little green lizards, it would save me so much hassle. Now I want to get it *done* and posted, so that I can get some people updated. Gah...


Yesterday, got a double 45 into the vent pipe. Not much in the way of progress, but Jake and I have determined to work just an hour, maybe two, every night and plug away at things. I think he's a bit scared about putting in the vent pipe. It's waaaay up in the air, and neither of us is good with heights. Yipes.

We're hiring Matt to work on our house for a while; he needs money to buy a bus, and we need work done, so it works out really nicely for all of us. He got all of the vapor-blocks on the first floor done yesterday, which is one of those things that has to be done before sheetrocking, and started on the basement! Woo!

I got a buttload of EMG done yesterday, which was very nice. I'm more than half-way through that webfix that I mucked up the day before, and it's going rather quickly. It's a fairly minor fix and will solve bunches of future problems, I hope. Got three orders out, printed a bunch of stuff for the fair, and paid all my artists! Not just 'figured out pay,' but actually cut all the checks, wrote all the emails, and took all the envelopes to the post office! Now I just have to hope that the credit card payment check gets here *before* everyone cashes their checks. Ugh. There's almost enough in there to cover them, and it usually takes more than a month for everyone to cash those things... but so close! Maybe I ought to pull out of the studio fund just in case... but... studio fund! Sacred, special studio fund!!

Also wrote a bunch of emails, made lists, did some tedium admin stuff, and *didn't* get Tito's package off. I'd really like to have the new contract to enclose with it. And Lonnie's. Oh! Got Erin's kirin-art package and went through and selected five of the designs and a sixth one I want to have her modify into a stationery design. :P Thanks, Erin! Hang on for those contract changes. :)

Enough of me! Head feels better and I've been a complete workslacker this morning.


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