Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with marketing

I have a new story for supporters up at Torn World: Making Fires. It is a sweet, short prequel to Lorna Cowie's Band of Ivory, and can be sponsored for $7.50</a> (Or send Torn World/EMG Credits.) Sponsored!

In celebration of Sea Monster month, which starts today, I have also made A Little Luck publicly available! Join Iremema on a adventure in the northern seas using brand new technology! At the end of May, it will go back to supporters-only, unless it is sponsored, for $14.00</a>. (Or send Torn World/EMG Credits.) Sponsored!

Sponsorships mean that I can keep writing, and the stories you sponsor are available publicly to anyone. You can see a full list of the stories I have available for sponsorship here! For less than the cost of a hardcopy book (in most cases), you can have personal patronage of a story and be responsible for everyone having access to enjoy it.

I am also taking artwork commissions, limited to three slots right now. These can be writing or artwork. Contact me for information! Flash fiction, quick sketches and small abstract art (give me a palette and a keyword and see what happens) start at $15.

There is a new issue of EMG-Zine up, and I am giving you a week of forewarning: the cost of the EMG-Zine anthologies is going up. Going through the pricing hoops for the anthology made me take another hard look at these, and I am no longer of the 'discount it until someone buys it' mindset. We are 85% of the way to funding EMG-Zine for another 6 months, and anthology sales count towards that goal!

I am happy to bundle shipping of the EMG-Zine anthologies together with the Torn World anthology; this should be available for pre-order this week (today, if the stars align...).

I finished some artwork this weekend, as well as the major plumbing coup of moving the laundry down into the basement, and got some work done on Torn World stuff. Today, I have to do some freelance programming, and hopefully work the kinks out of the Torn World ebook. Computer, quit running slow; I have too much to do!
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