Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

My feeeeeet!

The shoes I wore today to work on the house went directly into the trash: they have NO support left, and the leather is cracking all over the place. My feet hurt like mad, and we weren't working THAT long.

(I would so fail at working retail or any job where I had to be on my feet all day. I have wimpy feet.)

We cut into the sewer pipes, got the utility sink installed downstairs, and moved the laundry machine out of my kitchen. *falls over*

I won't mention how revolting it was behind the washer.

The livingroom/kitchen are much nicer places now, and since we were doing all that work, we cleaned everything up and sorted the leaning mountain of mail (most of it to the trash) and swept up.

I'm ready for a nap! But first, I must take a trip into town, and then I have to do some dinner and baking things, and there are sea monsters to prepare for Sea Monster Month! I've also got one more article to get up for EMG-Zine, and... probably something else. *flails* How is it 8 PM already?!

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