Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with anthology ordered

The order is in for the proof copy. The covers are loaded. The TOC is all cleaned up. The credits and thanks are finished. The final page conversions are happening now...

(*computer grinds like grinding thing*)

Funny story:

I had Jake read over the introduction, and he started giggling. "A new kind of shaved world!" he said.

"Guh!!" said I. "Does it say THAT?"

It didn't, but that's how he'd read it quickly. Can you imagine if it had been printed with that kind of typo? I would die of embarrassment on the spot.

Then, I'd get up, blog about it, and release a revised edition. Someday, that first run of misprinted copies would be worth millions.

That's what I tell myself, anyway.

I really, really have a writing bug today, but I need to finish this conversion, and then do programming on commission-control and other things that pay. Really, really want to be writing right now; I went the gym this morning and figured out tangled plotty things that I want to write down.

Oh! And, I need help: I need Rail titles. I have Railcrazy and Railrage so far, and this storyline needs a whole bunch of similar titles. I was going to do Railchange with various parts and bits, but that's boring. Railcrossing, maybe, and I've got Off the Rails jotted down, too. Any other clever ideas?

I got an early birthday present yesterday, and went to the beauty salon for beautification. I was a dark blonde, or maybe a mousy blonde - definitely an Alaskan blonde who hasn't seen strong sun in several years. Now, I am BLONDE. And, I got my hair layered for the first time in probably 20 years, so it's got more body and life, and my bangs don't look quite so 'cut with kitchen shears in front of the mirror.' It is tremendously cute and I love it. (Aiyana at Elements, you locals. She's amazing. And, I got a hand massage while the lightener was setting.)

Woops, files are done doing their things. Back to it.

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