Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily after Sketch Fest.

I adore Sketch Fest. It's hard work and sometimes stressful, but oh, WOW, does it get the art gears turning. This weekend, in addition to all the pieces I posted on Saturday, I finished the extensive, super-picky edits I needed to do to the Torn World anthology cover (many more hours on that one since you last saw it!), and several other pieces of artwork for the anthology, and churned out half a dozen other pieces that I had gaps for, plus refined a sketch-in-progress that will be an awesome piece. I also did four mini-abstracts (too wet to scan, still), and busted ass on the anthology. I wrote all the information blurbs, finished the entire layout except for the primary introduction, title page, dedication and bios.

Today, I will get Sketch Fest sales reports done, jam forward on some freelance work, and perhaps FINISH the anthology. I'm catching fewer and fewer bugs with each read-through now (mostly those pesky em-dashes), and I'm settling, after some wrestling, into an overall piece that I really, really like. A few pieces of artwork got cut at the end, and my poem entirely, but this is a solid collection, and I think the info blurbs really tie it all together nicely and take it from 'random selection of stories' to a good introduction to the world - the flow between all the pieces in some places makes me wiggle in glee.

Much to do!

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