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My life is out of control...

My webpage is getting 300+ unique visitors every day. Up from 200 just a month ago. And I haven't done *any* advertising in about 6 months.

I'm getting too many orders; I had to take half a day off of the day job on Wednesday to get them filled for Christmas delivery.

I cannot find my desk.

My pile of catalog requests has offially exceeded it's alotted space, and it fell off the shelf yesterday. Velcro is sleeping on said pile right now. As long as she doesn't start chewing on it, we're still okay.

I'm thinking about closing down the printing service end of the business, just to try to get things under control.

I feel like I'm stuck... like my whole life is completely out of my control. I like the direction it's going, I'm just terrified that I'm not exactly ready for it, and that I'm not going to be able to keep up, and it's all going to come crashing down around my ears. How did I get the insanity to even start on this track? I was the level-headed one... the engineering degree and just-in-case girl... the plan ahead for worst case girl... How the hell did I get here?!?!

I am terrified by my own life.

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