Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily at the library

This morning, I had an appointment. However, it is that point in spring when the driveway becomes basically un-driveable for a few days, so that meant carpooling (the truck was at the top of the driveway, my car at the bottom by the house). With gas at $4+/gallon, I am not taking an extra trip back to our house, so I am at the library using their WiFi for the afternoon, after a stop at the gym, and some food at the deli of Safeway (where they also have free WiFi, but very, very crappy chairs).

I have my laptop, so I'll be jamming forward on a) releasing that freelance project, which I just got the final materials for (YAY!) and b) a second freelance project that has finally jolted forward again (YAY! Money!) and c) the Torn World anthology, which really must go to press this week and is so close to being finished that I can smell the ink. Tomorrow I should be able to do the final, full-sized printout. I was nuts, simply nuts, to attempt the piece that I am scrambling to finish up for it.... WHAT WAS I THINKING? Still, almost finished. I vacillate between feeling like it's a really solid piece and hating it without reservation.

For the rest of this week, I need to finish Sketch Fest improvements and finish getting Commission-Control to full beta - again, so close!! If you will be available for helping to invent projects and interface with them as a pretend client, I'd appreciated a note below. I will set up a chatroom, so I can fix bugs and add features in real time for an afternoon - probably next Monday or Tuesday. I'm quite excited about the Sketch Fest features, too - it's a clever idea, and part of my World-Conquering Master Plan, so I hope it goes smoothly. You never know, with programming.

I have a new story up at Torn World! Crazy: Denel and Oranaan meet a cultural schools student while investigating the madness caused by anomalies.

The City of Lights was supposed to be a herald of the greatness of the Empire. Instead, it had turned into a political disaster, with unexplained acts of destruction that the scientists were scrambling to understand. Usually, everyone at the site of what they were calling 'anomalies' was killed, but occasionally, there were survivors. Even more occasionally, they lived through the violent madness that immediately took them and could be restrained before they killed themselves... or someone else. No glimmer of the man that this patient had been remained in the drawn features, though his file documented him as a jolly, well-adjusted laborclass worker. Gliiveran handed a copy of that file to Denel.

“I'm not sure what we'll learn here,” Denel said, almost apologetically, taking it and flipping through.

“The anomalies cause this madness,” Oranaan said. “Maybe there's some clue we can get from the people who survive.” He was already pulling tools out of a leather case, and putting a strange metal contraption with wires and braces together.

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