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Trying to decide if I have time to do a speed-write for Muse Fusion today - I really have a ton to do, but I love my Muse Fusion... I did get about 1000 words on my first prompt, and it turned into the outline for a backstory that will fill in a LOT of important gaps and supply a great look at Others, the northern technology and their healing and set the scene for a forthcoming series of stories (a 3-parter for which I have written 1 and 3).

This was a cooking, baking, anthologizing weekend, with a lot of art and a big push on the Torn World anthology. I've made more progress on the piece I posted in my last entry, and have sketches for a few others.


  • Mail taxes
  • finish and release freelance project - waiting on last material!
  • cold-call two potential clients (is it really cold-calling if they are follow-up phonecalls?) - 1 down, waiting on the above one for second.
  • Slog through 50 emails Inbox under 200!!!! First time in MONTHS
  • Catch up at TW forums
  • Muse Fusion short? (I hope so!) giving up on this.
  • Finish Everberries 2 - another progress shot in the forums. SO many lines...
  • Write northern and southern introductions
  • Finish anthology edits - keep notes to make changes at the site later.
  • Finish Journey adjustments and rescan
  • Hound artists to get me high-res files, submit art, canon board to approve work, etc. - mostly done.
  • shower
  • eat
  • bread - rising now
  • Subscribe

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