Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Jamming Forward....

Starting to have anxiety dreams about the Torn World anthology (which involved, for some reason, flying in small planes and losing my pants...) so I've spent more time than usual this weekend working. No Muse Fusion for me (except as a prompter!), but others seem to be enjoying it! Go leave prompts! http://torn-world.livejournal.com/70571.html

I have finished the second editing pass and got three illustrations done this weekend, found about a dozen typos that I need to correct on the site, too, and spent equal time being terribly excited and terribly nervous about every choice I've made on this thing. There are a dozen things I WANT to do that I may simply be out of time to do. This is the last version I'm going to show of this piece - the final is reserved for the anthology. (Creative contributors at Torn World may also see the other pieces I just finished - they're posted in the forums!)

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