Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

EMG stuff

Plugging along on the webpage corrections. (Stupidstupidstupid Ellen...)

Have artistpays calculated, checks written and just have to look up bunches of addresses. Most emails off, just two more no-pays to write, I think. :( I hatehatehatehate writing no-pays. Almost as much as I hate writing .50 pays...

EMG is poor! I didn't realize how slim sales had been the first half of this year. Must be the economy, because I've been getting lots and lots of emails and praise and hits keep increasing. Just low on the actual sales. I'm curious to see how the Christmas rush goes. Fingers crossed for the fair and Anthrocon, too. Fortunately a lot of EMG's money has gone to stock that I think will move in person.

Load of towels in the washer, orders scattered across the floor, webpage fixes in another window. I have too much work to do to spend long updating today...


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