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Wednesdaily Already?

Vital things for today:

  • Cris' prints
  • insurance stuff
  • gym
  • lunch
  • bread - out of the fridge and proofing now.
  • 1 anthology picture
  • post story (see below!)
  • play this song seven hundred times in a row
  • Get image uploading working at C-C.
  • Sea Monsters!!!!

    I have a new story up! Kin and Ink was prompted and sponsored by padparadscha and builds off of wyld_dandelyon's Rainbow Rainforest stories about Akaalekirth. I'm very happy with this one - it's more self-standing than my work usually is, and gives a look at one of the useful plants of the rainforest. I had been looking for an excuse to use this title for some time.

    The way that the Fuchsia Clan scheduled their time was still very strange and mysterious to Akaalekirth. They didn't order things by hours and bells and no one was ever late, only welcome in their own time. As long as enough work was completed and the rules of the clan obeyed, it didn't matter when she went to bed, or woke, or where she was at given times. She suspected that refusing to help with anything would be met with little tolerance, but the few requests that had been made for her labor had been just that: requests.

    I can't stop listening to this song (Waiting for the End)! I know it's not 'great music,' but it makes me smile and smile and smile. I haven't had a song-addiction like this since Tub Thumping (Yes, I KNOW. But it makes me SMILE!) and before that, 500 Miles. If you could wear out MP3s, I would have already. Does this happen to anyone else?

    And on that note, I see fewer and fewer broken tapes by the road every spring. It makes sense, and I'm sure it's replaced by different kinds of refuge, but I noticed a lack of that very distinctive, shiny, ribbon trash as we get spring thaw and snowbanks start retreating.

    Enough random out of me! I have work to do!
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