Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with meatloaf

Mmm... Homemade meatloaf is the best. Tasty, tasty.

Lots of Torn World administrative stuff handled this morning - the canon board is getting some fresh blood and some trimming, and I'm starting a hard press on timeline-important things, anthology illustrations and Sea Monster material. I don't think some of you poor saps realize how badly I was dragging through most of last year. You have not yet seen what I am capable of... I'm still just spinning back up to speed.

Commission-Control got major work this weekend, and I'm about ready to tackle some more, after about an hour of other paid freelance stuff.

EMG-zine needs 'jewel' themed work, and we're still really low! I'm going to try giving you guys some incentive! If I get 12 artwork submissions for this issue I will program in some better art gallery features before it comes out (that's the June issue, so you have until May 1, and I have until June 1). You submit artwork here and if you need an extension, just ask. Spread the word! Better art gallery features would be very nifty, and I want an excuse to work on them!

I am also on the prowl for web-programming or drafting work, if you know anyone who is looking! I would like to get some things paid off over the next 6 months, which would free me up enormously to work on some end-of-the-year projects I'm really, really excited about. But I can only do those if I've met my financial goals between now and then. I specialize in sites for artists and writers, functional php databases, custom-built, with or without hosting plans, small business interfaces with customers and other things that save you uckets of time and effort in the long-run. As well as pretty. I do 'pretty,' too! (And I've got some design tools I am dying to try out...)

Advance warning that this weekend is Torn World's Muse Fusion, and next weekend is Sketch Fest!!

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