Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Busy Monday is Busy!

The Torn World crash course chat went very well. I dislike chats that are too chaotic and hard to follow, and I didn't find this one that way at all, though plenty of people showed up with questions! I was able to help several people with accounts and membership issues, and answer some questions about Muse Fusion and adoption and some of the world setting quirks and it was all quite lovely. We've got a lot of enthusiastic new members, and I hope to make things as easy for them to jump in as possible! The log is posted for contributors in the forum, in case you missed it!

I got most of the programming done that I needed to, also, and none of the art or writing. Laundry is hanging, and the dog and I took a walk to the top of the driveway to make sure it was still safe to drive down (verdict: yes, though barely.)

I'm going to grab a quick shower now, and drink some water, and then bake (more!) bread and... I don't know what, next! Maybe art! Maybe not!

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