Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily, closing the gaps...

Approaching the end of a big freelance project, I've got artists able to claim projects at Commission-Control, and the client can see their interest, but not quite approve them for the project yet. (Tricky stuff...) I'm printing a 4x4 proof of the Torn World anthology now to check for page gaps, art placement and start pulling the intros together. It's longer than I wanted it to be, but still within the budget margin I set (barely within!).

I feel like I'm looking across a big pile of work at several finish lines. They're in *sight* now, at least.

TW Anthology:
Put out call for remaining artwork slots - get high-res
Write intro(s) or delegate them.
Get bios
Recheck all fonts, especially paragraph starts
Compile TOC
Add dates

Build artist pages, link them from gallery and projects - in the most basic sense!
Finish 'accepting' artist script
Images - woot! Well started.
Comments - finished on projects. Still need them on images.

Other Today Stuff:


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