Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Good lord, that was nearly a disaster.

In the column of 'dumb things Ellen nearly did,' I had added the pages for the anthology ALL WRONG, and while I was thinking 'oh, yay, things are going together more compactly than I thought they would, maybe I can squeeze a few more things in!' I was also wondering 'huh, how am I up to so many pages already with still so much to do?'

Answer? Because I am a MORON and was 100 pages off. 100 PAGES, over a basic mathematics mistake. This? Is my shame face.

Me and my red pen will be weeping over my table of contents this evening.

I am very miffed by this, because I was so very pleased with the order of things, and the spread of artwork and the flow from story to story.

On the plus side, a good use for this icon.

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