Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with not enough hours in the day

Is it me, or is spam getting spammier the last few weeks? Just more and more and more of it... *dislike*

Working feverishly on the Torn World anthology, programming until code runs through my dreams and trying to keep up with cleaning and home improvement and pets and exercise. I'm starting today running a timer to keep me on track - I simply have too much to do to get distracted, and it's so easy to get - SQUIRREL!

Client meeting today, and a bunch of programming and more anthology work and some banking. Fun times!

Two reminders for you artists and writers on my list:

Portrait Adoption needs more portraits! We get the best traffic when we have fresh submissions, and people have not been getting fresh submissions in! If you are registered at PA, please consider looking through your sketchbook or harddrive and putting a little veneer on one of your half-finished pieces. The upside to having very few submissions right now is that you get a lot of front page exposure from your new work!

EMG-Zine needs 'jewel' themed submissions, both artwork and writing! We are at 85% of our funding goal to cover the first half of 2012! (I've decided that's how I'm going to fund it - 6 months in advance, 6 months ahead, so if the money dries up, we've still got at least 6 months to make EMG-Zine go out with a bang.)

BZZZZT. That's the end of my promotion time. Off to do C-C for 1 hour.
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