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Webwork for a while whilst Jake fetches some ABS fittings. Decent progress so far. (Rebuilding now. *twiddles fingers*)

Had a coffee... ahem... accident this morning. Must not have gotten the pot entirely into the maker because I found the cat on the counter staring in great interest at the spreading puddle of coffee (she *likes* wet things). Ugh. Second pot worked much better. Now sufficiently wired.

We're hoping to get the toilet main-drain connected to the septic entrance today. Woot! We sat down yesterday and actually drew out the whole system, solved several problems, and determined that we are not *complete* idiots when it comes to plumbing. We've got the closet flange in, and about 30% of the toilet drain already in place, including the vent nearly up to the second floor. The pipes behind the shower are next, so that we can place the shower before we set the toilet. Then set the shower, toilet, and start dealing with input lines, and the storage tank setup.

Even got some drawing time yesterday, though I'm not tickled with the results.

Rebuilding's almost done, I'm off...

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