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I got a tremendous milestone finished on a freelance project, and that always feels nice. :) I also vented about some other project drama to a listening friend, which is also a good thing, and I was able to not snap at well-meaning people who didn't deserve it. I also cleaned ALL THE THINGS, got my inbox down to 286, the Internet began behaving again, and the cat sat on me and purred for a while, despite the laptop also occupying my lap. Torn World also did some rank climbing (now that I'm using the right stupid link), and we're at 7th place, so our banner shows. :) Thank you!

So, have some art...

A new portrait for Margaa is up at Torn World: http://www.tornworld.net/artpageview.php?id=204

I'm waiting for final approval on that commission, then I'll post it here.

I also watched The Seeker: The Dark is Rising.

[Spoiler warning!!]

First, I have to confess that I adore this series of books. They are some of my favorite ever, and even in my recent drought of reading, I sometimes pick them up just for the comfort of them. I didn't really expect the movie to do them justice.

This movie? Couldn't resemble the book less if they'd actively tried. I mean, why even bother using the title? They made Will a modern 14-year old American. The signs don't match. The characters are all flatter than flat, and Will's missing twin brother comes back at the end. Also, the 'sixth sign' was Will himself, his soul. *epic eyeroll*

The Old Ones were entirely impotent (Save us, Will! Oh, save us!), only Wonder Will appeared to have any powers at all, there was no Hawkin (no Hawkin!!) and older sisters Mary and Gwen were bundled up into one little sister Gwen who has a sense of preservation low enough to wander off in the middle of a Viking raid to try to save a wittle kitty cat.

The effects were good, I'll give them that much. I just wish I could have seen what these guys did with the book in front of them, rather than atrocity that they made of the script.

Oh, and Dr. Who as the Dark Rider (where was the White Rider, btw?) was really quite trippy.

Dinner now!
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