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Sketch Fest is tomorrow! For once, I've got my programming done in advance, so I'm not scrambling to do it the day before or the day of. Go, me! Oh, and here's a Facebook event for it, in case you like that sort of thing: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=198068873560821

Commission-Control has been getting some love, though I badly, badly underestimated the time it would take to get working. I've run through the fundraising time I had allotted, and am about 30% done. Which means, because I would not consider backing out of my agreement to finish it, that at the end of this portion of the project, I'll have made about a third of my usual asking wages... not the end of the world, but a little teeth-gnashing in general. I must get better at this part of programming!

Some freelance projects steaming forward today as well, almost finished with more sweeping changes to a client site, and loving the progress. (And they're happy, which makes me happy!)

I stole time for a writing war (30 minutes) and am thiiiiis close to being finished with The Perfect Visit (previously merely The Visit. It gained perfection in the writing of it. Hahahaha.). The writing is done, it just needs a few tweaks back at the beginning from the writing time where I didn't know where I was taking the story, and a solid read-through for typos and timing, and I think I will be able to submit it later today. It's a little over 6000 words, so a serious monster for me!! Possibly my longest piece yet. O.o I will release it in halves, I think, although there's not a really good break point.

Speaking of monsters, over at Torn World, we are declaring May to be Sea Monster Month, which will be lots of wild fun. Hold onto your shorts for an introduction to all the sea monsters of Torn World, as well as lots of sea monster language terminology, a focus on characters who regularly interact with them, and some fiction and poetry.

Under the category of signs of spring, I can tell the snow is still sinking by how much of the chopping block shows. It's pretty remarkable - today is a little cloudier, but the last several days have been a lot of dripping and collapsing and the snow gets dirtier and dirtier and the chopping block gets taller and taller. The snowbank cut by the dog run is barely up to my lower calf now.

I made bread yesterday, and it turned out fabulous. My last few loaves have been failures, so I was beginning to suspect I'd lost my baking touch. I was very relieved that these were edible and want to try some variations. Mmm. Now I'm hungry.

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