Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

My spam sense is tingling...

I got another reply on my mattress ad today, but my spam sense is jingling like crazy.

The reply?

I would like to know if your item is still up for sale, I am willing
to buy it from you. Please do let me know as soon as possible. Thank
you hope to read from you soon.


No, it doesn't mention viagra or college degrees online, but... how generic can you get? Not one mention about WHAT I'm selling or where... especially given the humorous tone of the ad? Poor grammar? No name as a signoff?

I'm posting this as a public service announcement - if you are ever sending an email, don't do this. This gets filed under junk, and similar emails do, too.

If you need to contact me, say WHAT you are contacting me about. Be specific. Sign off with a name. Grammar is not the only thing I judge an email on, but it COUNTS.

I hate thinking genuine email might get deleted, but not once, ever, has anything this vague turned out to be legitimate.


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