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I have no real reason to use this icon, but it's new, and I wanted to. Done for me by the amazing djinni, who is doing another Free Icon Day - go get yourself an icon or two! (Tipping is requested, but not required!)

Sketch Fest is Friday!! Sharpen those pencils and get your supplies and prompts ready!

I did my writing early today in two consecutive wordwars, and added another 1000 words to The Visit, which is turning into an exciting monster of a story.

Getting VERY restless to see the copy of the test novel I ordered - it was originally supposed to ship on the 28th, but there were a series of delays, and didn't ship until the 17th, and it's STILL not here and doesn't show up in tracking and I'd like to see how crazy my font size and spine width are before finalizing the anthology page count and announcing the lineup and WHY ISN'T IT HERE YET. *stomps around*

Probably won't go with this company for the final product. I paid a lot of extra money to get expedited service, and this doesn't qualify. :/

Now, to make some more progress on commission-control. My action plan is underway.

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