Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily in the North

It feels like spring. One of our slow, slow, temperature-swing springs. Minus 10 at night, plus 40 during the day, and the snow is slowly collapsing and turning ugly with revealed debris. The hard pack is rotting away, making walking the trails without snowshoes an exercise in 'post-holing' (collapsing through the crust every few steps). It's been a good progression, though - just enough ice melts during the day that it can evaporate and the roads are mostly dry or just wet, not wet on ice, which is wretched, or flooding surface water over still-frozen ground, which can get ridiculously messy.

I am entering adventures in Craigslist for the first time. I've listed a mattress. So far, I've gotten one phisher and one 'not interested in buying, but your listing was a hoot!' My big question of the day, why do so many people list with SIDEWAYS photos? Seriously.

Today I have four things on my action list:

  • Finalize and mail taxes
  • Apply for PFD
  • Commission-Control Site
  • Resolve shard/sea monster issues. (And post something new at TW.)

    Ready? Set? Action!
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