Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Muse Fusion!

Muse Fusion is still going - until tomorrow at noon (Alaska time).

I have done some writing and some sketching, and am having fun with both.

Kin and Ink is an 1825 word story that spins off of Deirdre's The Butterfly Girl and its sequel (not yet published), A High, Strange Home. It was prompted and sponsored by padparadscha.

Skycats are like a cross between flying squirrels and cat, able to glide long distances and prone to climbing up in things. Skycat kittens needed to be drawn...

It was drawn to a prompt by aldersprig who also sponsored 15 mintues more of work:

You may sponsor 15 more minutes for $5.00. The person who sponsors the most receives the original, worldwide shipping included. (By random draw, if there is a tie) And, Torn World members may also sponsor using credits: 1 credit is 3 minutes. :) (5 credits/dollars is 15 minutes, 10 credits/dollars is 30 minutes, etc.)

Then I sat down to write about a vacation to kelkyag's prompt. I got about 1000 words and an outline into City of Lights 3, a discussion between Emeroma and Dramanar about anomalies, riots and vacations. It needs some percolation, however, so I'm setting it aside for a little bit. There are good seeds here, but I'm missing a part, I think. *pokes*

vaerys's request to see an everyday scene for a domestic turned into Making Flames, 750 words, the story of a hearth-tender mentioned in one of Elizabeth's stories playing matchmaker as a prequel to Lorna Cowie's Band of Ivory. Sponsor for $7.50

Then I switched to art. :)

A sketch of one of the Torn World sea monsters, the smartarm:

And, on a boring day, Iremima is thinking that even battle with a sea monster sounds like more fun:

These two are both scribbled together on the same piece of loose-leaf typing paper. It is free with any order of coloring books or anthologies, first come, first served.

Now to go browse the other prompts and pick something to write...
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