Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Muse Fusion - open now!

Muse Fusion is open now! Go leave us story and artwork prompts to jam on! I want to get a few short-shorts written, and maybe jam forward on one of my plot-heavy storylines, if a prompt ties in neatly. You will get sneak previews of anything you prompt. I will post at least one of my results publicly, reserving the rest for sponsorship or subscribers. Sponsorships will list you as a patron at the site, and make the story public. Artwork has several levels of sponsorship, including the option to pay-to-finish, and purchase of the original. You'll have to wait and see what I create!

I'm collecting sponsorships and donations towards a concrete goal this month - the Torn World LJ community is days from being out of paid time, and I'd like to keep it ad-free and feature rich for our visitors. It costs $25 to keep it paid for one year. Any donations or sponsorships to me go to support that first, and to keeping me writing and drawing second. :)

Go leave your prompts Over Here! (disabling comments on this post. :))

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