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Just for fun... :P

Top 5 Misperceptions about me

1. Ellen Million is not a pseudonym. I was born with that name. Really.

2. I have nothing to do with the inner workings of Elfwood. Please don't email me about your account or beg me to keep your gallery or praise me to the skies for the wonderful project of Elfwood. I'm only the volunteer fundraising flunky, that's it.

3. I have not 'made it' as an artist. Or a business owner, even. I work 40+ hours a week at one of those punch-in-punch-out kinds of jobs. I will eventually make it as an artist/publisher/printer/writer/whatever-I-want-to-be, have no doubt about it, because I have the will to, but it's a ways down the road, and I'm taking the scenic (ie: own a house so you can't get evicted when the art jobs just aren't there during slow times) route.

4. I do not have a degree in art, or in business or marketing or in anything I actually use. I do have a minor in art, which consisted of 6 classes. (Really fun classes, too...) My major was mechanical engineering, emphasis in aerospace. Don't believe anyone who tells you that art and math don't mix.

5. I am married. Do you know how many 'are you single?' queries I get? Okay, not that many. But enough to make my top 5 misperceptions list.

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