Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with bad news, sketch fest poll (forthcoming) and health report.

Bad news first: Jake lost a close work friend over the weekend. You can't anticipate these kinds of things, so we're still both a bit in shock. I suspect it will be a hard day for him today on the job. All the best to Todd's family and I really hope Chance pulls through okay. As rattling as the event is, it's a large part scary-personal for me, too, because that's the same intersection where I got hit in November, and I'm feeling a fair amount of 'there but for the grace of God' about things. I don't think there's anything inherently dangerous about that intersection - both incidents were straight-forward in that someone went through when they should not have, but it's still quite eerie.

Healthwise, this thing is still kicking my butt. I'm very glad I took the weekend off, because I spent more of it than usual sleeping or just sitting, staring. Still coughing (though less) and the bug has mutated and settled into my digestive system. We're going to call it 'unpleasant' and leave it at that level of detail. I get dizzy really easily, and have very little energy.

In good news, I did get to the post office on Friday, and walked out with serious LOOT. I am dazzled by my loot - jewelry (GORGEOUS jewelry!), teeny little books, artwork, tarot cards, a preview copy of a novel, chocolate, pottery! You'd think it was Christmas, I am so all a-glee over my haul. It was an enormous pick-me-up.

I owe a Sketch Fest poll for prizes, and will try to get that up today. I also have a respectable pile up of client work to tackle, and a lot of emails to answer, plus Commission-Control to work on, and an appointment in town today. No rest for the wicked weak. I've got an entire lost week to catch up from!

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