Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with guts and rambling

I am applying for something rather scary and bold of me, and just need to put together a one or two page art resume now. I'm surprised - this is going to be rather longer than I thought it would be: I had forgotten that I used to do spot illustrations for actual token money back when small press was mostly printed, not digital (and there weren't PICTURES on the INTERNET), and they wanted black and white and I was willing to do full illustrations for $5 or $10. :P That seemed like a LOT of money, then. I'm not sure the board will be impressed by my 'Illustrated Unknown Story in issue #2 of Obscure Magazine that No One has Heard Of (that only HAD 2 issues)' but hey, it's still a publishing credit. And I'm applying under 'Emerging', not 'FAMOUS'.

I have to keep telling myself not to chicken out on this.

Being brave is hard! Let's go shopping!

Oh, and a pet peeve? When asking for art samples for web viewing, you DON'T specify 300 dpi. How retarded is that? I could send you 3 dpi pictures or 3000 dpi - what MATTERS is the pixel size. When you specify a dpi AND a pixel size? Dude. IT'S IRRELEVANT. Dpi only means anything when you also specify a print size. It just confuses people unnecessarily.


We're supposed to get a whole lot more snow today. Whee!

We're clomping towards the end of the month, please remember to submit 'Wind' themed things to EMG-Zine, and get your columns in, writer-folks!

In funding updates:


$516 / $900 total funding by June 2011. 57% done! If we haven't made this goal, the December 2011 issue will be our last! We're over halfway, horrah!!

Commission-Control (the payment and escrow services upgrade):

$52.00 / $250 for payment tracking and escrow services. 21% done!

Sketch Fest: This month, we funded better purchase management tools (phase 1) and better email alerts (already about halfway in place!).

Thank you so much for all your support - you people are fabulous. *blows kisses*

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