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I have updated Torn World pretty extensively again today (and bits of yesterday)! The character pages have gotten a shiny a new look, with a column on the right that shows their latest artwork and stories - the page'o'text that is the character description was a little dry in places, and I feared that people weren't scrolling down to see all the links and thumbnails. It was mentioned that on narrow screens that reduced long descriptions to too thin a column, so I added the functionality of being able to hide that column completely. Pretty spiffy, and though it took a little iteration to figure out, I like the end result a lot. The pages themselves are public, but the new Lead Characters page is still being polished. You can see the current incarnation at that link, but it isn't published at the site yet. I want to get some other eyes on the text I used and the characters I picked, so that I'm not missing anything or mis-speaking anywhere. I like this as a character landing page MUCH better than the chaotic alphabetic list that includes a lot of unused or unimportant characters. It also gives a lot of story hints and teasers, weaves the characters together in a logical fashion, and sort of draws you in to find out more. Any thoughts you have on adding polish would be welcome! (I know that different screen configurations can make things look very different, so I'm aiming for 'looks good on most' and 'doesn't look horrible on any.')

In addition, the map got a major update, with half a dozen new location/culture links added.

I should be working on stories for the anthology, but instead, my muse said WRITE THIS and made me outline some of the thickening plot between Bai, Ressa, Olarali and the elusive (and deliciously evil) Jarl.

Now, I am going to work on Sketch Fest email alerts (I have some AWESOME ideas for these) and take a looooong bath.

Oh, yeah.....
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